Seeing Allah in Jannah!


Since 1996 Islam On Demand has been producing “talking head” lecture videos only. This video is our very first effort at producing more dynamic and engaging content. We pray that it benefits and that you enjoy. However, with better content comes increased costs. Considering the investment of time and the costs of licensing stock video and audio assets, this one video cost approximately $2000. While we do generate some funds through ads, downloads and DVD sales, the revenue is simply not enough to cover all the costs. For this reason we’ve started a LaunchGood campaign to raise funds so that we can continuously produce more videos like this, insha’ Allah! If you enjoyed this video and want to see more like it, please consider making a small contribution. Visit our LaunchGood page here.

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The spoken words in this video are from the lecture “A Journey Into the Hereafter” by Ahmed Sidky. Watch it here.

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