The Resurgence of Muslim Women – By Rasha al-Disuqi

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Muslim women must understand the legality of their participation in society. Then they can enforce their right against being treated as second rate citizens by some ignorant Muslims and can confidently confront the modern secular-feminist movement with the tool of Islamic values. Sister Rasha provides justification for this from the Qur’an and sunnah and, along the way, shows the progress, achievements and emancipation of Muslim women during the time of the Prophet (P). She then puts forth our responsibilities today as Muslim men and women in light of their accomplishments. Her presentation also includes an analysis of the often misunderstood ahadith that refer to women’s deficiency and their lesser degree. She also comments on domestic violence, the rich history of Muslim women contributing to the ummah, and the colonialist/secularist influence on Muslim women resurgence. Other topics discussed: getting involved in politics, the problem of using secular disciplines to solve Muslim problems, giving advice about proper Islamic dress, motherhood vs. career-building, who should teach the children about sex and how, why wear the hijab, a woman’s loyalty between her husband and her parents, and how a woman should handle a controlling husband. (Duration: 1 hour, 29 min)

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