The Accepted Dua – By Ahmad Sakr (Loving Muslim Family Series: Session 5)

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This lecture is part 5 of a complete series of 8 lectures entitled “Family Counseling in Islam: Building a Loving Muslim Family”:

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This lecture informs the Muslim of the rules and regulations for making supplication to Allah and the pre-requisites one should have for that supplication to be answered. A very helpful discourse about a subject that seemingly recieves little attention or emphasis in our individual lives. Dua’s of the various prophets are also offered as a supplement to the extensive material presented in this session. Other topics discussed: patience, making dua in a language other than Arabic, asking someone to make dua for you, the best times to make dua, having pure intention, not cursing people, making shirk in dua, the four Abdullah’s, sisters at the graveyard or in the masjid, istikara, and salat Al-Hajah.

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