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Suhaib Webb
Between Islam, America and Modernity: Where is the Straight Path?
Deen Over Desire: Building the Islamic Identity
Q&A on Gender Relations and Marriage in Islam (with Omar Suleiman)

Hamza Yusuf
The Science of Shari’ah
Women, Shari’ah and Islam
How the Qur’an Was Revealed and Compiled
Pillars of Practice
Articles of Faith
The Concept of Ihsan
Signs of the Last Day
Islam in America: A Panel Discussion (with Hakim Archuletta and Ruqaiyyah Maqsood)
Prophet Muhammad (P): The Best of Creation (with Muhammad Shareef)
In the Footsteps of the Prophet (P): Peace in Troubled Times
The Lives of the Human Being

Umar Faruq Abd-Allah
Creating a Viable Islamic Subculture in America

Karen Armstrong
Compassion: The Only Way to Achieve a Peaceful World

Siraj Wahhaj
Mending Fences, Building Bridges
Are You Ready to Die? Fear and Hope
The Currency of the Hereafter
Islam: The Solution to America’s Social Problems
The Decision to Be Muslim
Knowledge Is Sacred
Be Opposite the Disbelievers
Muslim Youth: Our Hope For a Brighter Future
The Mission of the Muslim Ummah
The True Spirit of Islam
Unity and Leadership
Human Dignity and Courage (with Jamal Badawi)
Affairs of the Heart
The Pursuit of Excellence
Muslims In America: Surviving After September 11th
Islam, Racism and Contemporary American Society
Jesus: A Prophet of Islam
Reconciling Hearts and Healing Wounds Between Believers (with Jamal Badawi)
Combating the Negative Stereotypes of Muslims in the Media
Islamic Fundamentalism: A Threat to America?

Abdullah Hakim Quick
Islam: Past, Present and Future
Islamic Revivalism
Muslim Spain’s Legacy
Islam, Slavery and the African
Islam and the New World Order
Muslims Under Siege
10 Great Challenges Facing Every Muslim
The Truth About Holidays
Making Islamic Education Relevant For Today

Jamal Badawi
Islam: A Mercy to Humanity
The Preservation of the Qur’an
Strength and Nobility In Prayer
Muslims in America: Hopes and Realities
Economic Challenges For Muslims in America
Islam, World Peace and September 11th
To See or Not to See: The Moon Sighting Controversy in Islam (with Abdul Rafaa Ouertani)
(2 more titles included in the Siraj Wahhaj section above)

Mokhtar Maghraoui
Rahmah in the Shari’ah
Rahmah in the Sunnah
Parents, Youth & Family Q&A Panel (with Mohammad Yunus and Zulfiqar Ali Shah)
The Inner Struggle of the Self
Various States of the Self and Cultivating Its Good
Seven Keys to Safeguarding the Self
The Balanced Nature of the Prophet (P)
Avoiding Major Ailments of the Heart
How to Attain True Happiness and Satisfaction
Purifying Your Intentions and Actions
Seeking Knowledge: The Path to Paradise
When Freedom Hinders the Pursuit of Happiness

Jeffrey Lang
Winning Our Children Back to Islam
The Purpose of Life

Lisa Killinger
Women In Islam: Through Western Eyes
Men Are From Marwa, Women Are From Safa (with Ako Abdul-Samad)
How to Find Your Soulmate the Islamic Way

Abdal Hakim Murad
The Five Pillars of Islam
Sunnah, Shari’ah, Sectarianism and Ijtihad
Scriptural Links Between Judaism, Christianity and Islam
Muslim-Christian Views of One Another
Muslim Theology and Islamic Mysticism
The Muslim Influence on Europe and West
The Essence of Islamic Education
Al-Ghazali: A Brief Biography
A Commentary on Al-Haddad’s Qasida “Ta-iyya”
Breaking the Desire of Eating
Sexuality: An Islamic Perspective
Gender: An Islamic Perspective
Reliance on Allah: The Cure For An Ummah in Crisis

Mohamed Magid
Let’s Talk About Domestic Violence
Loving and Getting Closer to Allah
Increasing Our Love For the Prophet (P)
Purification of the Heart
The Inner Dimensions of Prayer
The Inner Dimensions of Fasting
Guarding Yourself Against Arrogance
Purifying Your Intentions: Al-Ghazali’s Methodology
The Parent-Child Relationship
The Husband-Wife Relationship
War and Violence: Islam’s Perspective
Re-Inventing the Mosque For Our Children (with Amal Ali, Habeeb Qadri and Janaan Hashim)
Culture Clash: Immigrant Muslims Raising Children in the West (with Yasir Qadhi and Abdur Rafaa Ouertani)

Hakim Archuletta
An Introduction to the Principles of Hikmah
Introduction and Autobiography / The Loss of Traditional Medicine
Foundations For Medicine: Understanding the Four Humors
Recovering Feeling and Sensation
Coming to Our Senses
The Principles of Homeopathy / Trauma Therapy

Ahmad Sakr
Islamic Shari’ah For the Youth
Introducing Islam to Muslims and Non-Muslims
Peer Pressure Workshop
A Message to the Muslim Family
An Overview of Islamic Social Services
Family Values
The Husband-Wife Relationship
Family Conciliation
The Accepted Dua
Divorce and Reconciliation
Recommendations to the Husbands
Depression: Prevention and Healing

Rasha al-Disuqi
The Resurgence of Muslim Women
Rights of Muslim Women and Their Potential For Impact (with Aminah Assilmi)

Sulayman Nyang
The History of Islam in America
The History of Islam in Africa
The History of Islam in Spain

Khalid Blankinship
The Holy Qur’an: Historical Basis of Its Compilation
The Life of Prophet Muhammad (P)
The History of Islam in the Middle East, Central Asia and Europe
Dialogue Between Civilizations: Muslims and the West

Miscellaneous Titles
A Journey Into the Hereafter – Ahmed Sidky
Jihad: A Just Struggle or Unjust Violence? – Zaid Shakir
The Qur’an, Science and the Last Day – Munir El-Kassem
The True Meaning of Jihad – Kenneth Atkinson
Islam in Brief – Fadel Soliman
Can Shari’ah Be Accommodated in the West? – Muneer Fareed
In the Footsteps of the Sahabah: Carrying On Their Legacy Today – Siraj Wahhaj and Habeeb Quadri
Muslim Youth: What is Your Legacy? – Omar Suleiman
Gender Relations: A Battle For the Muslim Youth – Shad Imam
Balancing Deen in the Social Scene – Mohamed Magid
The Muslim Woman In This Contemporary Society – Munir El-Kassem
Jews, Christians and Muslims: Our Responsibilities After September 11th – Ako Abdul-Samad
Muslim Youth: Who Are You? – Joshua Salaam
A Message to Muslims in the West – John Esposito
Reforming American Society – Amir Ali and Rasha al-Disuqi
Islam in America: In the 21st Century – Qasim Ahmed
What is Ihsan? – Alpha-Him Jobe
Marriage: What Makes It Work? – Alpha-Him Jobe
Humility, Tranquility & Satisfaction in Prayer – Alpha-Him Jobe
Recreational Activities in Islam: A Historical Insight – Sulayman Nyang
The Role of Muslim Women at the Time of the Prophet (P) – Sulayman Nyang
The History of Islam in India and Southeast Asia – Sulayman Nyang
Al-Fatiha: The Opening of the Heart – Aras Konjhodzic
Our Attitude Towards Non-Muslims – Abdul Malik Mujahid

MP3 Collection Only:
Qur’an: The Miraculous Book of Guidance – Ayden Zayn
Can You Explain Why Islam is Better Than Christianity or Judaism? – Ayden Zayn
Having Perspective in Difficult Times – Ayden Zayn

FYI: There are more DVDs/CDs than actual lectures because a lecture with a long duration will span multiple discs due to a disc’s data limitations.

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