Iyatu Karima – Ahmad Sakr

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This title is a single chapter from a longer lecture. You can watch the full lecture here. To watch other chapters, go to the CHAPTERS tab.

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1) Introduction
2) The Pledge of the Disputing Parties
3) Bismillah Party
4) Iyatu Karima
5) Death and Burial
6) Unemployment
7) People Call For Help From Everywhere
8) Parent-Child Relationship
9) Divorce
10) The In-Laws
11) Inheritance
12) Abortion
13) Adoption and Fostering
14) Surrogate Motherhood
15) Zakah
16) Loans Without Interest
17) Scholarships
18) Grants
19) Sadaqah
20) Women in the Masjid?
21) Absolute and Preventive Haram
22) Can You Give Zakah to Islamic Institutions?
23) Touching the Qur’an Without Wudu?
24) Writing Books
25) Schooling
26) Spiritual Services
27) Dua
28) Other Social Services
29) Must You Tell the Recipient It’s Zakah?
30) Can Zakah Money Go to the Masjid?
31) Early Muslims and Zakah
32) Blind Adoption?
33) Unrelated Coed Foster Children in the Same House?
34) Can You Donate Body Organs After Death?
35) Caught Between Two Cultures

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